Saturday, 1 January 2011

What A Nice Blank Calendar

A new year and I've been thinking about resolutions to be everything I couldn't quite manage to be last year.

Was resolved to feed my family healthier and then I found myself stirring the green and red M & M's that Joanne left here last night into their pancakes this morning.  They loved me for it, so somehow that's almost as good as good nutrition - isn't it?

Wasn't going to eat so much and I'm sitting here and my stomach hurts from the second helping of the potato soup I ate for dinner.  It's cold out and the soup was saying warm things to my heart.

My son in law Stephen said he was going to do a 365 project and blog a picture each day of the year.  I could probably remember to do about half that.  I think a 129 project sounds just as catchy and one of my goals this year is to be flexible.

And of course I'll read to the kids every night and never get mad over little things and try new recipes and really listen when my kids are telling me a story instead of thinking of actual interesting things and just nodding my head.

But they'd miss me!!

So bring on 2011 - I'm ready.
(And I'm 1 for 1 for a picture a day!)

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KarenW said...

Ha ha! Too funny!! I like your idea of a 129 project. Much more reasonable for someone like me. I'm just getting back into blogging though. So I'm doing good to WRITE something. I'll think about pictures later.