Monday, 6 July 2015

He Likes It

  One of the things I love to watch as the kids grow is what their special talents and interests are.  I have some that live for anything that involves a ball and winning and others that sit alone for hours playing the guitar or keyboard.
  Recently I've noticed that Jeremiah has a little farmer in him.  He plants all the pits from the fruit he eats (does that ever work for anyone?)- he has a pine tree that he has tended for years and was thrilled when it reached beyond the wire cage that protected it.  He enjoys nothing more than going up and down the isles in our local nursery and somehow loves each flower more than the one before.
  Today we planted some cute pink flowers that I don't remember the name of but he probably does, in our window boxes. He hauled potting soil, gathered tools and gently planted each box. He told me when we finished that it looked "so amazing" and that we did a good job.  
  I like this boy and his dirty little fingernails.