Thursday, 1 August 2019

Mexican Thumb

I love gardening.
I love garden books and thumbing through seed catalogues. Essays on gardening are such a delicious read. Walking through an arboretum is intoxicating. 
I love gardening.
In theory.

In reality not so much.

I hate weeding a lot. Hot weather just makes me mad. I could erase June, July and August off the calendar and be perfectly content. Gnats, the official insect of West Virginia, are an offence when you spend any time outdoors. They have a penchant for flying halfway down your throat, fluttering their wings and causing you to hack and vomit on the ground. 

But my love for homemade salsa counters all heinous gardening tasks.
So I have a salsa garden. It's all I need.
My salsa is really that good.