Thursday, 19 January 2012

Textbooks are for Tables

  The kids have been getting up early and getting most of their school work done while I'm walking in the morning.

 And that's fine with me.  More than fine.
It gives us time to do the good stuff - like looking for caves and exploring old church ruins. 

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

You Can't Put the Kids in the Fridge- because the shelves are too close together

  Today we put the Christmas break behind us and started back to school.  One of us was in a great mood - ready to actually learn/teach stuff.  
  The kids....not so.
  I understand.  Math is just dumb.  Taking a two week break does not make the 7 times table any more appealing.  And nobody loves underlining all the adjectives in the great, big, lovely, zippity dippity sentence.  
But come on.  Did they have to be so rotten and grumpy?
  Homeschooling could be so much more enjoyable if it weren't for the kids.