Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Bon Voyage Bethany

A few days ago we had a going away party for one of our friends.  It was supposed to be a bonfire, but the weather and our weird kids morphed it into a pool party.
It's hard saying good-bye to Bethany and her family, because they are our people.  We all homeschool and somehow God has arranged us into a strange, strong, safe family.  We differ on pretty much everything...what we eat (vegan to Chik-fill-a addict), what we collect (chickens, dogs, kids and quilts), and how we school our kids, but it works - together.

You will be so missed Bethany...you leave a colorful, crazy hole in our hearts.

Friday, 8 May 2015

Once Upon a Time.....

  I love a great many things about homeschooling - being the one there when they "get it",the relaxed schedule, the closeness that takes place when you spend your days working, learning, and fighting struggling together, and the great education that I get by teaching it all over again.

 But the best- best- best of all is reading through book after book as a family. We have read the history of the world through exciting fiction books, cried over missionary stories (okay, I'm the one who cries) and been inspired by great men and woman who have changed the world.  Our list of favorites goes on for a mile and we talk about them often.
The sweetest times we have are sitting outside while the neighborhood is quiet and reading ourselves to another place.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Sometimes Less is Good

 In our house, you can't get a cell phone until you drive, and driving is a privilege given to those who are trustworthy and mature.  At the moment, only one of our six kids at home has the much coveted phone. Two are working on getting their license. 
And yes...just like they think, they are the only kids in America who don't have any devices that go online. 
Which means that when Emma got her much needed graphing calculator yesterday she was very excited. She said it was almost as good as a phone.
That makes her a science/math nerd and she still can't text.  I'm okay with that.

Friday, 1 May 2015

Education is a Process (slow one apparently)

  One of the many benefits of homeschooling is that you can begin and end your year according to what works best for your family.  As we always go to the beach in late May, we choose to start school earlier in August, not take time off for many of the holidays that the public schools do, and never lose a day for snow.  Our curriculum has 35 weeks and we just finished up week 33. YES!!!

I came home today to find this note on the board.  

Maybe I should reconsider.

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Whale There You Go

  I do love the Awana program at my parent's church.  I love filling my van up each Wednesday night with my kids and the grand-kids, a few neighborhood kids and my mom. I drop them all off, spend the evening ALONE  shopping, and then return and pick them back up. It's noisy and crowded but nice.
  Tonight was Hawaii night and my grand daughter Lauren won the prize for the best behaved. So along with all the kids and my mom, and the great deals I found at Goodwill, we also stuffed this very large, very amazing, prize whale into the van. 
  Luckily I only had to transport.  My daughter Lane gets to deal with it after we docked!

Monday, 27 April 2015

A Gentleman Must Always Changes His Underwear

I do the laundry around here....lots of it.... and I know stuff.
I know how many pairs of underwear are sent to the laundry hamper each week by each person.
Recently I have noticed an extreme lack of underwear from certain little boys.
My threat motivation to insure my little darlings put on clean under-garments each day is that I would gladly post each person's underwear count on my blog if it seemed too low to me.   This appears to have worked, as I am getting underwear that I haven't seen in weeks - probably pulled out from behind the dressers and other nefarious places.
Things should be smelling a bit better around here.

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Mom's Day Off

  Our family has Uncle Kevin.  He came to us in an unusual way and we're all so happy he did. He is crazy fun with an emphasis on crazy.
A few weeks ago the littles got a letter in the mail from him. In it he challenged them to make a complete meal for me.  They had to think up the three course menu, get the ingredients and cook it.  Without my help. YES!  

The boys would have been happy just to do it, but Uncle Kevin sweetened the pot with $150 award upon completion. 

They got to work and came up with Roast Chicken, Spicy Baked Sweet Potatoes and Grilled Corn on the Cob with a lime-honey butter.  

Cooking day was busy and with a little advise from their three year old niece Leah, they presented me with a delicious meal!

Thanks Uncle Kevin...the boys are happy and so am I!!