Monday, 6 July 2015

He Likes It

  One of the things I love to watch as the kids grow is what their special talents and interests are.  I have some that live for anything that involves a ball and winning and others that sit alone for hours playing the guitar or keyboard.
  Recently I've noticed that Jeremiah has a little farmer in him.  He plants all the pits from the fruit he eats (does that ever work for anyone?)- he has a pine tree that he has tended for years and was thrilled when it reached beyond the wire cage that protected it.  He enjoys nothing more than going up and down the isles in our local nursery and somehow loves each flower more than the one before.
  Today we planted some cute pink flowers that I don't remember the name of but he probably does, in our window boxes. He hauled potting soil, gathered tools and gently planted each box. He told me when we finished that it looked "so amazing" and that we did a good job.  
  I like this boy and his dirty little fingernails.

Friday, 19 June 2015

Not Following the Crowd because We're Lame

My daughter  asked me the other day if I had ever tried coconut water.  She, at age 16, wants to know about everything happening on the internet. If everyone is doing/using/liking something, it must be good. Right?
Come remember 16.

Back to her question - I might have tasted coconut juice at some point in my life. I've seen plenty of people on t.v. shows like Gilligan's Island,  sticking straws in coconuts and sipping happily away, but I really couldn't say if it was good or not, which prompted me a few days ago to pick up a box of it as I was checking out at C.V.S. Pharmacy.  It was warm in the car and I was glad to have a cool drink for the ride home. 
My response to this health fad is NO. 
Ginger and Mary Ann had nothing else to drink apparently, because it tasted like dirt. I saved it for the kids to try and the opinions ranged from disgust to mild yuck. One child claimed it tasted like spit and another was sure it tasted like something I hope he has never really put in his mouth.
So once again - we're the uncool-unhealthy family that will probably choose the Lebron Sprite Remix (yes, there is one and my children drank it) from the 7/11, and they will pick Marco Polo in the pool instead of Yoga on a mat.  
We are so yesterday.

Friday, 29 May 2015

Tossed by the Waves

 The ocean has a mood for every day that we're here. One morning the water is so cold that you have to just plunge in and let the icy numbness take over.  Sometimes the waves hit you so quickly one after another that you loose track of the sky.
Today, the water was warm and gentle and shallow out for a long- long way.  Some current deep under the surface decided to come ashore and it brought secrets we hadn't seen before.  There were jellyfish with bright red tentacles lazily floating onto the sand and commanding great respect from all.  Also making an appearance were beautiful shells that the  waves dumped at our feet for a few seconds before snatching them back out again. I grabbed a few and was thankful for these surprise treasures. 
The jellyfish and shells were gone after lunch....the ocean must have changed its mind.

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Smoke this Art

  We spent the afternoon today wandering around Manteo, NC, one of my favorite towns anywhere.  Lunch by the water watching sailboats rock in their slips, little shops full of seashells and driftwood and sea glass.  
My favorite stop was the local art gallery.  We watched artists turn canvas into paintings, marveled at sculptures and each person had to choose the piece of art they liked best and tell why.

And then I found an Art O' Mat machine.  They are re- purposed cigarette machines filled with tiny pieces of art for $5 and a pull of a knob.  You didn't quite know what you would get (which made it even more exciting).

I scored an adorable mermaid painting from K. Larabee mounted on a wooden block which is immensely better than a pack of Kools. ( which I haven't smoked in 18 years, but when I did that's the knob I would have pulled.)

Monday, 25 May 2015

Things That Go Bump in the Night

The first morning we woke up at the beach, Jeremiah showed up to breakfast looking like this. 
My first thought was some brother had duked it out with him.
Not the case. 

He had no idea what happened. 

When I kissed him good-night, he didn't have a mark.  After some investigation our best guess is he fell from the top bunk onto the end table, as everything on the table was on the floor. He said he woke up in his bed and his two brothers sleeping in the bed under him never heard a thing.  I think we'll file this one under Beach Mysteries - sure to become a family legend.

Sunday, 24 May 2015

It's Your Birthday

A few days ago our family celebrated two birthdays - my Dad who is 93 and my granddaughter Abby (his great granddaughter) who turned 2.
The presents ranged from princess dishes and sheet sets to an iphone 6 car docker. (Yes, my Dad at 93 is that cool) There was a beautiful Barbie cake for Abby and a delicious Dairy Queen ice cream cake for him.  I sat and thought about the things he had seen in his life and what the future would hold for her. Between the two there are many years and a love that spans them sweetly.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Bon Voyage Bethany

A few days ago we had a going away party for one of our friends.  It was supposed to be a bonfire, but the weather and our weird kids morphed it into a pool party.
It's hard saying good-bye to Bethany and her family, because they are our people.  We all homeschool and somehow God has arranged us into a strange, strong, safe family.  We differ on pretty much everything...what we eat (vegan to Chik-fill-a addict), what we collect (chickens, dogs, kids and quilts), and how we school our kids, but it works - together.

You will be so missed leave a colorful, crazy hole in our hearts.