Monday, 22 June 2009

That's What Makes You a Father

My husband celebrated Father's Day this weekend in an unusual way. He and I drove 7 hours to pick up one of our sons upon his release from prison. We brought him an outfit to wear on his release, but forgot shoes. Our first stop was at Walmart so he wouldn't have to walk around in socks. We then drove him 3 hours to a place that had a program to help get him back on his feet. It was great to hug him and sad to leave him far away once again. We gave him pictures and our love and promises to call.
Not a normal Father's Day weekend but one only a father would do

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Just Make Up Your Mind

Three of our boys joined our family in October of last year. We were told at the time that they were "adoptive". That was perfect for us. We've been in foster care for over 20 years and I'm ready to stop the in and out traffic. The older I get, the harder it is to let the kids go. Shortly after the boys moved in and we formed our family, the social worker informed us that their mom was actually still on an improvement period and was working diligently to get them back.
We worked with mom and realized that "going back" for the boys would not be good. And everyone agrees with us....the boys, and the entire social work community. Today we had our 2nd "this is really the day when the judge decides" day. And again, he didn't decide. We now wait another month and I can't begin to tell you how hard this is on everyone. It would seem to me that when you hire an array of professional social workers and they perform their job by spending time with the families involved, that you would rely on their opinion of the disposition of the case.
In the meantime, we go back to being a temporary family.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009


Yesterday my daughter Kara arrived in Chad, Africa to visit her sister Kirsten and family. I know the two of them are as happy as two sisters can get right about now. Kara is the first of our family to make the long journey over there and she goes with not only suitcases of goodies from all of us, but our love and wishes to wrap everyone of them in the tightest hug ever. While Kara is being our ambassador to Africa, the Grandmas and Poppas get to enjoy the grandkids she had to leave behind.
Here at home, I hear the voices of brothers and sisters arguing and it reminds me of a time when those same voices were that of Kirsten and Kara. There were moments while they were growing up when I thought they hated each other. I would plead with them to get along and love each other.
Now, all these years later it turns out that the greatest gift I could have sent to Kirsten would be to have her sister by her side!

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Sardine Time

There couldn't have been a better way for our "new family" to get to know each other than spending 2 weeks away together at the beach. With 12 people together all day and night, we are learning about each other up close and personal. I am watching little groups forming and friendships being forged. Disagreements are quickly addressed and there is a peace in our large family. I don't always know which underwear belongs to which kid and I suspect there has been some cross toothbrush use, but we are rubbing elbows and loving it. My biggest concern this week is keeping sunblock on so many wiggly bodies.

All the grown kids have come down this second week with their families and they are learning all the names and personalities of their new brothers and sisters. My 16 year old grandson Cameron has found it amusing having a 5 year old uncle. My oldest daughter Margie (36) picked up her new brother Samuel (5) and said, "Hi my new little brother, I love you!"

It is impossible to sit and watch our 13 kids and not feel blessed.

Saturday, 6 June 2009

One of my favorite things about our vacation at the beach is my time alone with God early in the morning. As I sit and look at the ocean and read His Word, I am drawn into worship! The waves crashing over endless water that meets the sun at the horizon makes my heart sing to the Creator. I get a sense of His power and magnitude and it thrills me to know that I belong to Him and He knows me. I am also reminded of the fact that He has taken my sins and put them at the bottom of the ocean. I like seeing how vast the waters are, as I ask Him for forgivness one more time! Even I can't fill the ocean up.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Our vacation is going great....the weather has been almost too perfect - hard to keep everyone covered in enough sunblock. The little boys love the waves! They get so tossed around that every part of their body and every pocket in their swimsuit gets jammed with sand. We de-sand them in the outside shower before they get to come in the house.

Everyone couldn't be happier, except for Grace. This is her third year that she can't get in the ocean. Her doctors insist that the ocean is teeming with bacteria that could give her peritonitis. And of all the kids, Grace loves the ocean the most. It breaks my heart for her and I promised that she would have a transplant by next year. I'm so praying for it. One of the bright spots in her day is when her Poppa and her take longs walks down the beach looking for shells.