Thursday, 11 June 2009

Sardine Time

There couldn't have been a better way for our "new family" to get to know each other than spending 2 weeks away together at the beach. With 12 people together all day and night, we are learning about each other up close and personal. I am watching little groups forming and friendships being forged. Disagreements are quickly addressed and there is a peace in our large family. I don't always know which underwear belongs to which kid and I suspect there has been some cross toothbrush use, but we are rubbing elbows and loving it. My biggest concern this week is keeping sunblock on so many wiggly bodies.

All the grown kids have come down this second week with their families and they are learning all the names and personalities of their new brothers and sisters. My 16 year old grandson Cameron has found it amusing having a 5 year old uncle. My oldest daughter Margie (36) picked up her new brother Samuel (5) and said, "Hi my new little brother, I love you!"

It is impossible to sit and watch our 13 kids and not feel blessed.


Perri said...

That is a cool picture.

Duckygirl said...

LOVE that shot! Spending time away together sounds like a great opportunity for all of you!!


Karasmith said...

what a great time...and now the countdown to next yer begins!!