Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Another Generation

  This weekend we celebrated at church with Kelly and Eugene as they dedicated their daughter Isabella.

  It is an incredible privilege to stand with your grown children and agree to help them bring your grandchild up to know and love the Lord.  

Isabella had her part in the whole affair, which was to look adorable and she did it exactly right.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Dodging Disaster Week

  Last week we had an earthquake that shook the house and had everyone running around screaming.  It was exciting and we talked about and studied earthquakes for days.  Nothing was damaged including the cups on my open shelves that often fall off and break when you tiptoe through the kitchen
  And just a few days later hurricane Irene came through.  We put all the pool stuff away and hunkered down ready for the high winds and rain.  We had a day of drizzle.
  Again no damage.  Here is Jeremiah with his Bob the Builder umbrella that looks like the winds tore it to shreds.  No.  Jeremiah rode his bike up and down the street during the hurricane (along with all the other kids) and had his umbrella open behind him until it turned inside out.
  It's all been a little of a let down and the umbrella went into the trash shortly after this picture was taken.  

Always Our Little Girl

AnnaClaire turned 19 this week and didn't like the feeling of being so solidly an adult.  She's doing all the adult things - bought her own car, has a good job, going to college full time- but it's that growing up thing that scares her.
  So, she ordered a "princess birthday" complete with crown and scepter and watched the movie Tangled with her brothers and sisters for the evening.
  Who says kids are growing up too fast these days?  Not around here!

Friday, 26 August 2011

Wishing Doesn't Make It Better

School has started here - both the public school and at our homeschool.  This year I have 5 kids home with me and I'm excited as you can only be at the beginning of the year when  the kids haven't annoyed you even a little yet.

And I have one in public school and it feels sad.  Sad that it's the best place for him and for the rest of us.  Sad for the relief and peace that comes over the house as he waves good-bye from the bus window.

It must feel bad to him and yet he knows that we couldn't have a school day that included his rages and anger.  He understands because he has some peace from us as well.

It's a sad thing.  

Thursday, 25 August 2011

You Just Have to Be Pink to be Cute

  After a long labor and an extended stay in the hospital, Miss Madisyn finally made her appearance here at home.  She has basically slept every second since coming home,  except after we all go to bed when her mom, Molly, reports that she hardly sleeps at all.  I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that she is held constantly. 
  All the cousins,  aunts and uncles and grandparents are completely captivated by her and she reigns supreme around here. 

Friday, 19 August 2011

Eagerly Awaiting Grandchild #14. Maybe a little impatiently

  At the hospital today with pregnant daughter #2 waiting for the second of three granddaughters due this year.
  I could be wrong but Molly looks way too happy on her bouncy ball to have this baby any time soon.
  Let's have a little pain here.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Homeschool Yearbook

  Our local homeschool support group is amazing.  You couldn't possibly attend all the activities planned and still find time to homeschool the kids.  One of the best things our group does is to produce a incredibly high quality yearbook at a reasonable price. The seniors get a three page spread for pictures and letters to them from the parents.  All other grades get a full page, also in color.  And I was smart enough to marry a man whose last name started with an "A", so my girls were first in the book this year!

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Sending Off a Little at a Time

  We have had the completely chaotic joy of having my daughter, husband and five kids living right next door in our missionary house for the last year and a half.  The path between our homes is as worn as an old Indian trail.
  But now God has called them away again - not to Africa, France or Israel, but just down the way to Florida.  
  I won't have them running in and out the door hundreds of times a day.  No early morning walks with Kirsten and no Pete the dog digging holes in the yard.
  We've been saying our good-byes in little pieces over the last few weeks.  The kids wanted their  picture taken with their favorite niece or nephew for a frame and love notes have been written and exchanged.
"Sistas" at church
"camping out" in the basement
  Saturday night Kirsten hosted  a "sista sleep-over" and invited all 10 sisters. They did facials and watched movies and talked about babies and good-byes.  Monday night Kirsten and I had a camp-out with all 13 kids in the basement ( it was raining and we weren't about to sleep in tents outside) and we watched movies and ate ice-cream and never mentioned good-byes.
  Last night they packed their van and drove off into the night.  The house is quiet and the grass will begin to grow back on the path.  And I have loved every minute of our time together.
  Good-bye McKenzies!  I love you!

Saturday, 13 August 2011

How to Do Old Right

That's my mom there on the far right in the brown plaid shirt  with some the neighborhood kids.
  My mom's not normal.  She's 88 years old and should be resting comfortably in her chair watching the Price is Right and taking little naps.  Normal would mean she should be forgetting what she just talked about and repeating it every time you saw her. And she really should need some help getting things done around her house.
  But no - not even a little.  She not only knows what's going on - she makes goings on happen. Twice a week she volunteers at Meals on Wheels (because she likes to help the old people who can't still cook) and at the local hospital (because she gets bored staying home all the time)  She still teaches pre-school Sunday School at church, complete with crafts and glue and potty breaks.  
  And every summer, much to the neighborhood kids delight, she holds a Backyard Bible Club.  The kids run up each afternoon at 1:00 for Bible stories and cookies and games.  
  No, she' not normal and I'm so glad.  (remind me to tell you about my Dad who keeps my wild mom going!)

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Slipping Away

 As our local grocery store is featuring Candy Corn and Reese Cups with pumpkin - I'm not making this up -there really was a halloween display - we've been scheduling the last few events of summer.  We still have a camping trip planned and the kids are finishing up the last of their five Vacation Bible Schools.  (And I have zero guilt over sending all my kids to the local churches for VBS.  They love it - I love it and it has to be better for them then wrestling each other.)
  So, it's one more hamburger and nobody does it cuter than my granddaughter Lauren.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

I Need Structure!

 I've noticed lately that my many kids have turned into an unruly mob.  It's too hot to ride bikes and even the pool is losing it's appeal.  And they're grumpy.  Really grumpy - which makes me want to trade in my fly swatter for a kid swatter.
  Today the boys were so bored that they broke out the dress up trunk and paraded around in some lovely authentic chinese finery.  
  Okay - I'm saying it. I'm ready to start homeschool back up.