Sunday, 2 July 2017

Along the Road

 There is much said these days about eating clean and eating local. With such a large family we mostly eat bulk. Bulk has no clearly defined origin.  It comes in large containers often printed with the words - "New and Improved", which alone is suspect. I picture men in white lab coats sitting around a large table putting spoonfuls of cereal in their mouths, spitting into their napkins saying, "This is disgusting! I can't believe people have been buying it. More sugar.... we must improve this!"
  In the summer however, while my sweet children are sleeping, I sneak away and eat the good stuff. Our neighborhood streets are not lined with sidewalks and street lamps, but with wild thickets of various plants and bushes.
  The first two weeks of June yield beautiful blackberries. The plants are prolific but do have short thorns. I carry a pitcher
on my walk, collect them while they're still warm from the early morning sun and throw them into my yogurt when I get home. Amazing!
  Shortly after the blackberries are finished off, sometimes the deer beat me to them, the wine berries are ripe. Wine berries are the perfect combination of sweet and tart, but the plant makes you work for these treats. They grow in dense patches
and their thorns are long and wicked sharp. The picking invitation specifies formal wear - long sleeves, long pants and gloves, but oh so worth it!
  By the time the kids wake up for their breakfast in a box, I have washed the berry stains off my hands and they are none the wiser.
  I'm always thankful for God's original. local, clean food, which never needs improvement and is new every day.