Who's in the Shoe?

This is Margie our oldest.
She came to us as soon as we opened our home to foster care and didn't have a clue what we were doing.  
She smiled and I loved her instantly and do to this day.
Margie lives in Florida with my grand-kids Cameron and Taylor

Kirsten is our oldest home-grown daughter.

World traveler and changer, Kirsten and her family have been missionaries in Israel, France and Chad.
She now lives with her husband Stephen and my grand-kids Eleanor, Elijah, Silas, Annelise and Jocelyn near Orlando, Florida.

Kara is our second homemade daughter.

She is so like me that it's scary but much smarter and handier with a drill.
Kara is in grad school to become a speech therapist and lives with her husband Nate 
and my grand-kids Scarlett, Ensley and Maddy in Maryland.

This is Lane

Lane came to live with us as a teen but I believe she was really mine all along.
She is the perfect daughter-sister-aunt and makes everything we do a zillion times more fun.
Lane's a nurse and lives with her husband Josh and my grand-kids Layla, Lauren, Leah and Aaron
right across the street from us.  See, I told you she was perfect.

Here's Big Jake

Jake is one of the sweetest kids ever. 
He is sweeter than he is smart and has had to learn some of life's lessons the hard way.
He lives in one of our missionary houses and takes care of our property.
He also does my dishes and is hands down the best uncle anywhere.

Beautiful Aaliyah

Aaliyah became our daughter as a teen and we all fell in love with her quiet and gentle ways.
She is capable and responsible and works hard at all she does.
She has the distinction of having the most letter "As" in her name as anyone I had ever met.
Aaliyah Anastasia Acly
Aaliyah lives with my granddaughter Aysha, who is every bit as adorable as her mom!

This is Andre

Andre first came to live with us at age 7 and then left and took the long way around back to us as a teen. He has the kind of laugh that starts in him and ends up in you.  
His brothers will tell you that he has the biggest muscles and can beat anyone at basketball.  
 Andre has about a hundred self made tattoos and has graduated from beauty school - 
He wants to have his own barber shop. Andre lives near by with Nikki and his three beautiful kids.

Here's little David

David came to us with a reputation longer than a football field -It wasn't a good one.
They were all wrong.
I don't know a sweeter, kinder, bigger hearted person.
He doesn't stand still very often and there is usually a trail of his latest project strewn around him.
He will forever be "Mommy's Little Precious" 
and all the brothers know he is where the fun is. He is dating Jen, who we all agree seems perfect for him because she can drive a Bobcat and likes to fish.

 This is Kelly

Kelly remembers nothing before she became part our family at age 4.  
She has the distinction of being  the only child one who has lived with all 18 of the kids.
Kelly is quiet - so quiet that I have left her behind at church on several occasions.
She is married to Eugene and they have two adorable daughters, Isabella and Abigail.

And here is Molly

Molly became our blue eyed baby when she was 7 years old and we were the 14th place she had lived.  Things have not always been easy for her and yet I don't know anyone with a greater ability to laugh! She now has her own blue eyed baby, Maddy, who has her mom's love of life!


When AnnaClaire first came to us, she couldn't wait to get away.
Our hearts grew together and now she can't leave.
She's beautiful, smart and likes all the same music that I do.
AnnaClaire lives nearby and works at our local orthodontist which means that we see her often with all our crooked teeth kids.

Amazing Grace

Grace has a story that could make you sad till you meet her and see her joy for life.
We picked Grace up from Children's Hospital when she was a few months old. She had a brain tumor and was not expected to live. I guess she didn't know she was supposed to die and despite spending most of her childhood in and out of hospitals, she is a happy adult training as a phlebotomist at our local hospital. Her best friend is her niece Leah.I am constantly amazed at what God is doing Grace's life.