Monday, 4 February 2013

Sometimes I Look Better on the Inside

  Reading through the Bible this year has been interesting.  A life time of reading here and there like a chicken pecking around, I thought I had probably read most of the verses.  Maybe I had. But lining it up and hearing it one line, one story after another is different. It weighs more and stays in my head.
  The last few days have been in Exodus and the building of the Tabernacle with all the gold and gems and opulence  the nation of Israel had given. Each person bringing their share to make this unbelievably ornate place for God to dwell. Every last detail of where to place each item and what it is to be made of it and how many cubits it was and who should make it.
  And then in chapter 38, like a strange surprise, it says - "They made the bronze basin and its bronze stand from the mirrors of the women who served at the entrance to the Tent of Meeting." Really?
 Now, I don't know what these women did, or how this happened. I don't know if they all got together one day and noticed that the sink in the place needed something to give a little sparkle, or if they heard Moses worrying about where they could get some extra bronze.  I do know, that every woman needs a mirror and they gave theirs up.  That's big. Especially knowing that they were there at the entrance working and everyone would see them and now how do they know if their hair looks okay or if there was a little manna stuck in their teeth?  
 Sometimes having a large family, I feel like I've donated the mirror.  Finding more than 10 minutes uninterrupted is miraculous. Showering is a luxury afforded only when I can nab someone to watch the baby and put out any fires the boys start. Painting my finger and toenails is out of the question and if you don't wear make up, you don't have to spend time taking it off. 
  But its good.  You know those ladies at the entrance to the tent were happy to see the sink finished and so beautiful and I'm looking to see what God can do with a lot less of me and more of Him.
  Just don't look too close at my eye brows - plucking is optional these days.