Why a Shoe?

  When James asked me to marry him in 1972 I said "yes!" with a caveat - I wouldn't cook, or sew and I DID NOT want any kids.  He agreed with my terms thinking he could live on love alone.
   Four years later we decided that if the two of us were great, three would be even better and we had our first daughter Kirsten.  Within about two seconds of having her in my arms I knew that being a mom was about the best thing I could do.  Kara came along within a year and a half and our family was complete.  The girls grew and went off to school and I was bored.  God had a plan to fix that and we started foster care.  Originally we had no intent to adopt but of the 60 some kids that have come through the house, a few seemed to need to stay.  A few like 16.