Friday, 21 December 2012

You Gotta Have a Tree

   Most years we cut our Christmas tree down the first weekend in December, but the stars and schedules didn't align as well this season.  So, better late than never, we finally made it out to the tree farm and chose the "best tree ever".  It was Samuel's turn to cut it down and he worked at it for awhile before bigger/stronger/older Isaiah finished it off for him. (Wasn't David just helping Isaiah not that long ago?)
  Everyone was full of Christmas cheer and humored me by singing Christmas carols in the hay wagon, even while people were listening. 
  So the tree is in place and it's officially Christmas at our house!

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Away in a Manger

Our granddaughter Maddy has been staying with us for awhile and things have been a lot more interesting.  I made the decision to leave the very fragile nutcracker decorations packed away this year, for my own sanity, but the play nativity would be perfect. Although Maddy is only 1, it was time for her to hear the Christmas story.  She loved to sit and listen about how God stepped into our world, and that's how our faith like a child begins.  
And when you're one, it's okay to carry baby Jesus around in your mouth.

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Something Fishy

  Our science class wrapped up our ocean studies with a lovely fish dissection.  I asked the parents a month ago if anyone could go fishing and get us some fish.  One family walked in with three huge beautiful wide mouth bass.  They were almost too pretty to use.
  But we did.  Fitted with gloves and scalpels we found organs and systems and generally the kids loved poking around and it was great.  And stinky. 
  There were a few kids who were repulsed and at the same time fascinated by the whole thing.  They only closed their eyes at the real bad parts.  And some couldn't get enough.
  It all went well until a few days later when I went in the garage and realized that our cans would probably smell for the next 30 years.