Sunday, 13 December 2015

A Lot to Like

   A few weeks ago our family had our- not so easy to get everyone together- picture taken.  We managed to have 16 of our 18 kids come, which includes 18 of our 21 grand-kids.  

The wonderful photographer,Michael Viands , titled our album, "Acly Thanksgiving" because it was taken the day after. 
  Looking through the pictures, I realized that it was a thanksgiving picture. Never did I think that James and I would be so incredibly blessed to have this many kids to raise; to have so many grand-kids to love; to have my Mom and Dad living right next door our whole life. 
  There have been some really hard times, the kinds of hard times that make you feel like you can't do this any more. 
But I'm thankful. 
Thankful for James who is still my best friend after 43 years. 

Thankful for walking through the hard times and getting to the other side.
And thankful for the bad and good and joy this family has been.

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Fifin Ismail said...

wow amzing.. great family