Tuesday, 15 December 2015

One Very Long, Very Good Year

I spent last evening with my daughter Molly ( the 3rd from the right with the beautiful smile) and an amazing group of people. A year and a day ago I dropped her off at a rehab center, after many months of watching her nearly destroy her life with drugs.  It was hard leaving her there, not knowing if I would ever have her back.
  Molly made a choice that day - a choice she's still making every day since and that is to stay clean. The dinner and meeting afterwards was a celebration of that.  
One year. 
She has had a large group of people walking with her in this hard won victory. These kids are literally fighting for their lives. I was struck by their willingness to share their pasts, their struggles, their hopes and fears. 
  As I hugged Molly I cried with gratefulness for answered prayers and for the sweet joy of holding my girl again and seeing a way ahead for her.
  A friend once comforted me when I was worried about my kids when he reminded me that they are on a journey that has years to go.  
This was a very very happy stop along that journey. I am so proud of you Molly.

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Perri said...

Way to go! Keep it up. God bless you.