Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Not a Post for Vegans

  Last weekend there was a beautiful summer/winter day and we headed to the mountain house.  We got a lot of work done... well mostly James did,  and we played and hiked and enjoyed the get- away.  

But the cherry on top, the icing on our cake was stopping at the  oh so amazing 

Beef Jerky Outlet.  The sign has been enticing us for months as we drove by, and this time we headed off the exit into jerky heaven. 

  Not only was there jerky from most of the mammal class, hot sauces with names that indicated death, there was also every type of insect embedded into lollipops and candies and boxes of flavored dried crickets and worms.
  This is the kind of store you must experience with 6 boys.  It nearly brought them to tears of joy.

  I was impressed and disgusted at the same time by Isaiah as he casually munched his sour cream crickets.

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