Saturday, 19 December 2015

Head Trauma

 Isaiah is the oldest boy in the house these days and so what he does  or loves or is into, holds great sway over the crowd. Which made his decision to have me shave his head a little worrisome.  
  His reasoning was that he's had a dent in the back of his
skull for as long as he can remember and he wanted us all to see it clearly.  He was also curious to see if there were still scars on his head from Elijah's teeth at some earlier time of their lives. I for one, have never thought about re-living my past by examining the nicks and dings on my body, but there are many things that he and I think differently about.

  Last night after a few deep breaths (his and mine), I shaved off all his hair. It was great entertainment for the night and although we could make out a few bumps and lines, the story of his head injuries was not nearly as exciting as the sheer courage of his decision.

  And thankfully  surprisingly, none of the other boys decided to follow his lead.

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