Wednesday, 30 December 2015

My Locket Her Locket

 Having 21 grandkids is pretty much amazing. They seem to me to each possess remarkable character....some speaking eloquently at a young age, some with a sense of humor that surprises me, some are kind and sweet and some quiet and self assured and others are feisty and wild. I find it harder to not be biased toward my grandkids than to my own children. Maybe the freedom to just enjoy them rather than having to worry whether I  was doing everything right. Or maybe I'm getting old enough to worry a little less in general. 
All of this is to say that I really like them all - greatly.

 Leah, grandchild number 18, lives right across the street and we see each other every day.  She has always loved my heart locket and told me that she wanted me to get her one for Christmas and she wanted my picture and hers inside.

Okay - grandmother melting right there.  So of course I got it for her.

Merry Christmas to Leah and Grandma Kate.