Saturday, 2 April 2016

I Was an Auction Virgin

Until today I had never been to an auction.  I have this friend, Samantha, who talks about all the things she's gotten at such great deals. She's talked about it for years.

But today, something she said made me want to go.
And that is dangerous.

 I can only liken it to the best deals of Goodwill, combined with gambling, which of course I don't condone on any level and fierce competition and wow! The heady feeling of beating someone else out and getting some amazing thing at a ridiculous price - it's just pretty much the best thing EVER. I felt a little bit of an addiction coming on as I drove home with my new couch and love seat ($20) and 5 boxes of assorted crap and treasures ($10) and a flying pig ($30). The pig was a little over the top expensive but he was there and I had to have him. I don't really understand why either.

Apparently I have to be a bit more savy when it comes to bidding.  Samantha gently told me afterwards  that I need to be subtle about the things I really like and not bring attention to them as the bidding begins. Maybe I was a little too excited.  I really loved the way the cool auction people did the imperceptible head nod thing when they bid. I can do that.

I heard there was another even better auction next Saturday.

Should I be worried that I can think of nothing else?

And I had never driven our pick up truck before today either. It was a big day.

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