Friday, 26 August 2011

Wishing Doesn't Make It Better

School has started here - both the public school and at our homeschool.  This year I have 5 kids home with me and I'm excited as you can only be at the beginning of the year when  the kids haven't annoyed you even a little yet.

And I have one in public school and it feels sad.  Sad that it's the best place for him and for the rest of us.  Sad for the relief and peace that comes over the house as he waves good-bye from the bus window.

It must feel bad to him and yet he knows that we couldn't have a school day that included his rages and anger.  He understands because he has some peace from us as well.

It's a sad thing.  

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Perri said...

With the exception of the bus - you just described Ryan to a T. 3 at home schooling, 1 at public school and everyone glad it's that way and knowing it's for the best. But I still miss the "old" days, when he was little and life was different.