Sunday, 28 August 2011

Dodging Disaster Week

  Last week we had an earthquake that shook the house and had everyone running around screaming.  It was exciting and we talked about and studied earthquakes for days.  Nothing was damaged including the cups on my open shelves that often fall off and break when you tiptoe through the kitchen
  And just a few days later hurricane Irene came through.  We put all the pool stuff away and hunkered down ready for the high winds and rain.  We had a day of drizzle.
  Again no damage.  Here is Jeremiah with his Bob the Builder umbrella that looks like the winds tore it to shreds.  No.  Jeremiah rode his bike up and down the street during the hurricane (along with all the other kids) and had his umbrella open behind him until it turned inside out.
  It's all been a little of a let down and the umbrella went into the trash shortly after this picture was taken.  

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Dawn said...

I am glad you all came through without any serious damage.