Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Slipping Away

 As our local grocery store is featuring Candy Corn and Reese Cups with pumpkin - I'm not making this up -there really was a halloween display - we've been scheduling the last few events of summer.  We still have a camping trip planned and the kids are finishing up the last of their five Vacation Bible Schools.  (And I have zero guilt over sending all my kids to the local churches for VBS.  They love it - I love it and it has to be better for them then wrestling each other.)
  So, it's one more hamburger and nobody does it cuter than my granddaughter Lauren.


Michelle said...

I also saw Halloween/Fall stuff in the store. I just shook my head. I am still loving the Summer. I send my kids to many of the local vbs' I prefer it over the wrestling too;)

Anonymous said...

If I run into a Halloween display now I will stop and burst into tears. Then I will leave my cart and walk out of the store. I do not appreciate this sport and school and commercial conspiracy to steal summer away. It is worse than the Grinch who stole Christmas. It is the Grinch's nastier meaner brother who stole summer.

Perri said...

Our Walmart has their costumes out already. LOVE the picture of Lauren.