Monday, 22 June 2009

That's What Makes You a Father

My husband celebrated Father's Day this weekend in an unusual way. He and I drove 7 hours to pick up one of our sons upon his release from prison. We brought him an outfit to wear on his release, but forgot shoes. Our first stop was at Walmart so he wouldn't have to walk around in socks. We then drove him 3 hours to a place that had a program to help get him back on his feet. It was great to hug him and sad to leave him far away once again. We gave him pictures and our love and promises to call.
Not a normal Father's Day weekend but one only a father would do


jen said...

Oh my.

Perri said...

Your last line should read only one a good father would do.

I know a lot who wouldn't have.

Emily said...

I agree with Perri...only a good dad.
The bad ones would have none of it.

Your son is a lucky guy.

Liz said...

thanks for commenting on my blog- i love your busy household! i will definantly have to keep reading-