Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Splish Splash

Our summer has been going swimmingly....literally. We started off the season with a large number of boys sporting "swimmies" to stay afloat in the pool. They were bobbing every where you looked. But all that has changed! With just a few hours of instruction and aided by the all powerful male ego, they boys have shed their swimmies and are doing the real thing. We have diving board jumpers and touching the bottom and front flips and lots of good old swimming.
So our very large pile of swimmies is sitting untouched and I'm sitting poolside most days playing lifeguard.

Come over and keep me company!


Emily said...

How in the world do you keep your eyes on 10 kids at once in the pool? Well, I guess you have older kids who don't need your eagle eyes...

Hooray for full fledged swimmers. Until all my (measly 4)kids knew how to swim I was a nervous wreck!

Samantha said...

Great job, boys!! Can we come and play, too??