Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Facebook Protest

I love Facebook as much as the next guy...or girl, but I'm seeing a sad side effect. Facebook is causing blog abandonment. It's easy to write a sentence and pop a picture up, but where's the real writing? Where's the deep inner thoughts and profound statements? I want more than a status update....I want to know people. Sure, you "just got home and you're tired and going to bed", but how do you feel about that and what amazing things did you do all day that made you that tired?
If you haven't written in your blog since June....I'm talking to you. I know you're on Facebook everyday. At least blog once a week.
Facebook is Hannah Montana.....I want CSI.
So go write in your blog.


jen said...

Deep inner thoughts and profound statements... uh oh.. I leave that up to you!! lol

Luke said...

Yep. I like blogging because you can share a little more. Facebook has it's place, but blogging allows for more. And I like the more [smile].


Great-Granny Grandma said...

I agree.

Duckygirl said...

I've noticed this happening...though I do like Facebook, it's addicting. :)


KarenW said...

Yes, facebook is addicting and by the time you've left 50 updates, you feel like you've said it all. So why blog? And besides, there's no more time left. And the problem is compounded by the fact that even if you do blog, no one comes by to read it because they're all on facebook. I know what you mean!

How's Grace doing?

Fifi said...

I hear you!!! I have been checking into FB alot more these days .... and a little less on my blog.

The reason I have a blog is to create memories of my loved ones ...... and you can't do that on FB ... so I feel you have given me a gentle yet effective tap on my wrist!