Thursday, 9 July 2009

Tired of Hanging Around

With summer well under way, I have come to realize that young boys like to do stuff. They don't really care so much what, as long as it involves movement, sound and a chance to be better than every other person in the universe. When I see just a wall, they see a challenge to climb faster than Spider Man and certainly quicker than all their brothers. With a group of boys here this large, things can happen.

Did I specifically say not to take the keys out of neighbor's parked riding lawn mowers?

If you take all your stuffed animals outside and hide them in your fort for a week, they will smell worse than zoo animals.

I never gave permission to have a yard sale and sell all their toys and buy their friends toys when their mom had no clue either.

I could go on and on.

I try to have lots of planned activities. We swim in the pool every sunny day, go to the park and take family walks, play games, etc. And all this doesn't seem to touch their need for doing stuff.

So for the next 3 weeks my boys will be doing the VBS tour. 3 different churches - lots of games and crafts...they'll be happy - not to mention me!

And if any of you are working in a VBS this summer, anywhere in the country, let me tell you might be the front line between mom's and their summer sanity!! So THANK YOU!!!!

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Karasmith said...

Glad to see that someone is continuing my fine tradition of VBS touring! I still remember debating over which offered the best snacks & crafts!