Saturday, 25 July 2009

Working on the Chain Gang

James has thrown out some big jobs for the kids this summer and they come with a big pay-off. He offered $100 to any kids who stick with each job through completion. The rules say that if you work for 99% of it and quit the day before it's have to finish to collect any money.

The first job was moving a very very very large rock pile. 5 kids began the job. 1 kid quit because she had a kidney transplant (tough luck Grace) and 2 kids quit because
"AnnaClaire was bossing them." So 2 kids collected $100.

The second job is filling in 5 very very very
long ditches in the yard that were made when we put in the Geo-thermal heating system. 4 kids have started the job. So far, they've put up with the bossing, but the gnats are driving them crazy.
Well, driving the girls cra
zy - the boys are just ignoring them.
Here are the girl's very creative anti-gnat outfits. Scary.


Emily said...

Well, it's not a chain gain if the prisoner is getting 100 large. Your husband pays BIG.

And this is off topic, but what's a geo thermal heating unit? How interesting.

jen said...

Oh wow! I love your kids!