Saturday, 6 June 2009

One of my favorite things about our vacation at the beach is my time alone with God early in the morning. As I sit and look at the ocean and read His Word, I am drawn into worship! The waves crashing over endless water that meets the sun at the horizon makes my heart sing to the Creator. I get a sense of His power and magnitude and it thrills me to know that I belong to Him and He knows me. I am also reminded of the fact that He has taken my sins and put them at the bottom of the ocean. I like seeing how vast the waters are, as I ask Him for forgivness one more time! Even I can't fill the ocean up.

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justjuls said...

This is beautiful Kate -
I haven't read blogs in FOR.EVER!
Me too! The ocean can draw me into worship like no other place in the world. I start to feel flinky if I'm away from it too long - and yet I wouldn't want to live there - wouldn't want it to become ordinary.