Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Our vacation is going great....the weather has been almost too perfect - hard to keep everyone covered in enough sunblock. The little boys love the waves! They get so tossed around that every part of their body and every pocket in their swimsuit gets jammed with sand. We de-sand them in the outside shower before they get to come in the house.

Everyone couldn't be happier, except for Grace. This is her third year that she can't get in the ocean. Her doctors insist that the ocean is teeming with bacteria that could give her peritonitis. And of all the kids, Grace loves the ocean the most. It breaks my heart for her and I promised that she would have a transplant by next year. I'm so praying for it. One of the bright spots in her day is when her Poppa and her take longs walks down the beach looking for shells.

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Emily said...

At least you got her dressed looking SO her some more cute clothes to soften the blow of not getting into the water.

I insist. Your post made me sad.