Wednesday, 17 June 2009


Yesterday my daughter Kara arrived in Chad, Africa to visit her sister Kirsten and family. I know the two of them are as happy as two sisters can get right about now. Kara is the first of our family to make the long journey over there and she goes with not only suitcases of goodies from all of us, but our love and wishes to wrap everyone of them in the tightest hug ever. While Kara is being our ambassador to Africa, the Grandmas and Poppas get to enjoy the grandkids she had to leave behind.
Here at home, I hear the voices of brothers and sisters arguing and it reminds me of a time when those same voices were that of Kirsten and Kara. There were moments while they were growing up when I thought they hated each other. I would plead with them to get along and love each other.
Now, all these years later it turns out that the greatest gift I could have sent to Kirsten would be to have her sister by her side!

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Samantha said...

Tears come to my eyes as I think back to my own memories of the two of them growing up in your house. Watching them grow up and have their own families gives me great hope when I watch my 3 girls fuss, fight, laugh and love! Please keep us posted on Kara's journey.