Thursday, 18 June 2009

Just Make Up Your Mind

Three of our boys joined our family in October of last year. We were told at the time that they were "adoptive". That was perfect for us. We've been in foster care for over 20 years and I'm ready to stop the in and out traffic. The older I get, the harder it is to let the kids go. Shortly after the boys moved in and we formed our family, the social worker informed us that their mom was actually still on an improvement period and was working diligently to get them back.
We worked with mom and realized that "going back" for the boys would not be good. And everyone agrees with us....the boys, and the entire social work community. Today we had our 2nd "this is really the day when the judge decides" day. And again, he didn't decide. We now wait another month and I can't begin to tell you how hard this is on everyone. It would seem to me that when you hire an array of professional social workers and they perform their job by spending time with the families involved, that you would rely on their opinion of the disposition of the case.
In the meantime, we go back to being a temporary family.


Emily said...

You might get to KEEP them? Oh wow. I'm so happy. Truly. God is so big and giant and amazing to find these 3 boys a family like yours. 'Cause you DO know how rare you guys are, right?

It's gonna happen...

EEEEMommy said...

I have a friend who has had too many of those "the judge should decide today" to count. It's a good thing that judges are slow to sever parental rights, but I've seen the exasperation in it as well. I will pray!