Monday, 3 January 2011

Ouch - It Hurts so Good

A lot of my blogging friends are participating in  P365 and it sounds like a great idea and I'm looking forward to seeing some awesome pictures, but I actually have my own take on P365.

My P stands for pepper, as in jalapeno pepper.

My goal  is to eat jalapeno peppers every day this year. 

Since January 1st, I've had jalapenos on my egg sandwich each morning.
And I'll tell you that nothing says "Good Morning" like the burn of jalapenos starting on your tongue and traveling along your entire digestive track. 
I don't know how many jars I'll go through - but I see tums in my future.

Got any good jalapeno recipes?


Just Juls said...

I LOVE jalapenos - and green jalapeno Tabasco sauce! Yum. I do eat them every day. Sorry to burst your bubble but this has been done - only I don't blog about it! :)

Kate said...

I follow you gladly into heartburn.

KarenW said...

My husband buys a huge jar from walmart and eats them on everything. He just can't eat my cheeseburger soup without a good helping of jalapenos to go with it.

Emily said...

I enjoy jalapenos but have to admit that I have never had them on my eggs. I might be brave and try that.

recipes? I got nothing. is my go-to. :)