Friday, 21 January 2011

Flip Mode

  Less you think, after my post about my dishes on the shelves, that I am some kind of organized minimalist, I have decided to show you the dark side. It's cluttered and messy and yet somehow brings me another kind of happiness.  
It's the side of my refrigerator.  If I know you, you are probably pictured there.  Maybe I have your family Christmas pictures stacked one on top of each other since 2002. Maybe it's that picture of you as a baby because there really never was such a cute boy as you Ricky.  It's your prom pictures and beach pictures and  the cutest granddaughter on a stupid looking pony picture that is somehow cute and creepy all at the same time and your missionary prayer reminder and a picture of your new house.
Extreme neat dishes - horribly disorganized refrigerator.  
I'm a complicated person.


Anonymous said...

Just read it to Ricky and got a big grin.

Fifi said...

Kate you are very dark! ;)
Looked back at your posts, and LOVED learning about your goings-on!