Monday, 24 January 2011

We Need Each Other Today

  Sometimes when life seems a little bleak and I'm feeling like the bottom of a shoe, there comes a bright spot.  A little color to catch my eye and make me turn around.
  This is a picture of the ray of sunshine that showed up at our house today.  Her name is Miss Madeline, a Havanese,  and retired baby maker from a puppy mill.  She turned 6 years old and had reached the end of her usefulness in that line of work.  As she had no retirement plan in place, we invited her to come to our home and be a pampered pet.  
  Maddie seems to like our new arrangement and has James doing all kinds of cute people tricks like holding her for hours on end and trotting around outside in the freezing cold with her on an adorable pink leash.
  It's hard to be sad with a little white dog in your lap.


Anonymous said...

Benji and I looking forward to meeting her and also seeing James do some of his new people tricks.

Emily said...

What a lucky dog to have a family where...(literally?) there will never be a hand that doesn't want to reach down and stroke her soft fur.

She is so cute! I want a little white do too!