Saturday, 22 January 2011


We received this incredibly great pile of dress shirts in sherbet colors that had matching dress pants and sweet clip on ties.  The sizes were perfect for my boys and I had visions of them looking adorable in short little hair cuts and maybe their hands stuck jauntily in their pockets.  I was excited!

Tonight at Emma's basketball game while musing about the dress clothes,  a ruckus started behind me.  I had brought my 5 kids and my daughter Kirsten's 5 kids with me.  There they were crawling under the chairs stacked in the corner of the gym.  I went over and started pulling random sets of legs out from under.  They were covered in gym floor bunnies and their clothes!  Apparently no one had noticed their outfit choices before we left.(that would be me)   It was embarrassing.  Ripped up jeans, colors together that were from different planets on the color wheel and shirts that read like a menu from the days meals. And sadly, this is typical.

I'm keeping the dress shirts.  You never know.

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