Tuesday, 4 January 2011

And Rounding Out the Mob

This is Samuel Thomas, the youngest of our 18 kids.  The baby.  The end.
Our oldest daughter, Margie, is 36 and I had no idea that all these years later an empty nest wouldn't be in my tree for a long long time.
But that's okay.
When we started foster care I had no idea what God had in mind.  It seemed like a nice thing to do.  It has been nice -  and hard and wonderful and terrible and worthwhile.   And over and over God has called us to stay with it and fill the rooms and love another and another.
But now we have a last one.
He's 6 and I'm....... a very experienced Mom.
And sometimes when I look at him I can't believe he is mine.
He's a very perfect ending note.


Perri said...

A beautiful end to your family.

Emily said...

I love my baby. It took you awhile to get to your 'baby' so you got to love on each one not knowing if they were your last! Lucky kiddos.