Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Blood is Thicker Than Mayonnaise

Large adoptive families are a unique and complex blend of a few kids from here and some from over there and that culture and this environment and it throws the whole birth order thing into a blender and pours it out in new roles and alliances.  Sometimes we have a whole group of youngest vying for the spoils or two or three oldest struggling to the top of the heap.  We have seen our kids align with their biological siblings one moment only to disown them the next.  A social worker once came to take a picture of each sibling group and when she asked them to line up they promptly assembled as "littles" "middles" and "bigs" with no regard for previous family alliances.  We have seen reenactments of the Hatfield and the McCoy when someone's "real" little brother was threatened.

And now and then a big sister and a little brother who met just a few years ago become the best of friends and it's very nice .

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