Monday, 17 January 2011

Lots 'O Garbage Around Here

We have trash pick up once a week in our neighborhood and our trash company has recently updated their service.  We all had to buy a big red can with a hook so that the truck itself could pick up the can and dump it into the truck.  No more trash guys with your garbagy soup running down their arms. Of course with all this hands off they do lose the ability to pick through the cans and see if you have anything good worth keeping - or am I the only one who would do that?  Awkward for me.

All the families in our neighborhood have one can. We tried that too but it was a joke.  The red can was full after two days.  We tried two cans but still we overflowed.  Everything in a big family is extreme, not to mention costly.
So here is our week's garbage, barely squeezed into three cans.

And that doesn't count our two recycling bins that get picked up tomorrow. (Don't ask how many empty milk gallons there are)


jblieu said...

We've had the big red can forever. We used to need a second can, but since we are down to four, one is enough. What isn't enough is one recycle bin. We have to use a huge plastic container to supplement that dinky little one AVW gave us.

Vickie said...

LOL We opted for a dumpster. Good thing too. Since our road is extra muddy, the truck hasn't been able to get down here for a month. The dumpster is stuffed full and we've begun putting it in our enclosed trailer for the moment AND my family isn't as big as yours...YET!

God's Blessings

Anonymous said...

we had to get a second big cart also and now im thinking others will soon too bc they just announced that if the lid wasnt closed all the way they wont pick it up which doesnt make sense bc the next week it will only be more overflowing oh but they do give you the option to call them the next day if your trash doesnt get picked up and they will come get it for an extra $5 um no thank you lol

crzy4myfam said...

I could only imagine! Our 18 year old takes our trash to a nearby trash compactor every day. Over the weekends we end up with at least 10 bags of trash or more. It's amazing how it adds up.