Sunday, 30 January 2011

Solid Rock Standing

We sang it this morning in church.  It got me thinking about some of the “all other ground” that I’ve tried to stand on.  

1.  In high school I put my hopes on being cool.  But I wasn’t allowed to wear a mini skirt and my hair was curly and it was the 70’s (think Jan Brady and her perfectly flat, straight blonde parted in the middle hair )

2.  Then I was all about being the perfect mom and I had a really obedient kid to prove it.  Along came baby number #2 who was just like me (a little unruly) and I realized I wasn’t the perfect #1 was really good on her own.  

3.  This was going to be it - we helped start a new church.  I would  do EVERYTHING which of course had to be good firm footing.  Nope.  When I fell from this I didn’t know if I would ever get back up. 
  Luckily I decided to give up hanging out in the sand box and Jesus was gracious enough to haul my sorry self up on his solid rock. It’s very safe.
 And the view from up here is better too..


Tylerrapi506 said...

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jblieu said...

Glad you are leaving the man made rocks behind and standing on THE Rock.
I like the picture. A lot.

jblieu said...
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jblieu said...
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