Friday, 14 January 2011

Stepping Lightly/Rightly Out of the Nest

  David took a giant step into adulthood today when he signed his name on the mortgage papers for his new house. He's got a great job, a new car and now his own home and all the bills and headaches and pride that come with them.  
  David is exceptional by any standards - a kind and caring heart - hard working and generous, but his success is even more surprising considering his less then auspicious start.  We have a very small community of foster parents in our area and David's reputation proceeded him when we got the call that he needed yet another foster family. At the ripe old age of 10, he was one of "those kids" - the kind that liked matches a little too much and came with an extra strength bottle of Ritalin.
  But under all that was this awesome kid just waiting for someone to introduce him to Jesus and tell him right from wrong.  
And David listened. 
  We have had many other kids who became adults at our home and they were not able to stop listening to the voices from their past.  Some have fallen down hard and each one is a heartache.
  But today I'm celebrating David as he stands there with his new house keys dangling from each hand.
He said he's excited but a little sad - excited about the big step and sad about not living with his family.  I'm feeling it too.


jblieu said...

David's the best!

Shelby said...

Awww Kate I am so excited for him and LOVE your heart of sharing Jesus with them. That is really what they need and of course the unconditional love of a family:)

Perri said...

Way to go, David! Unless I've got the wrong kid (and I don't think so) I've been reading long enough to remember when he got his license, wrecked the big van and several other milestones.

Almost like watching him grow up.

Kate said...

That's him Perri!

Emily said...

I'm with Perri...I remember those posts too. Plus I remember his being harassed by the police when he had his sister w/ him and the police mocked him when he wanted to call you.
and I remember lots of track pics.

What a stud he is now! WTG!