Monday, 10 January 2011


There's so much great about homeschooling.  
I love that my animal loving "twins" can do their school work with their "twin" dogs cuddled in their laps.

Emma and Elijah often have their jack knives hanging from their belt loops, which comes in very handy when there's a box to cut up in the middle of the school day.  Knives are a definite no-no in public school - at home it's just part of life.

Where else can you roll bread, white glue and black paint around in your hands as long as you like while making Roman denarius?

And it's always nice when your teacher ADORES you!



KarenW said...

How very sweet! We like to have a nice cup of hot chocolate while doing math. Can't do that in "school" either. :)

crzy4myfam said...

My kids love having their knives in their pockets at all times. I find our dogs snuggled up with certain kids during school as well! Love the Roman denarius project...looks fun!