Thursday, 31 March 2011

Pull Out the Meat Loaf - Now!!

  Our stove is a commercial brand used in restaurants and it's perfect- mostly.  One of things commercial stoves don't come with, are timers for the oven. Unlike the chef in a restaurant, I don't have time to sit and watch the food cook, and realized we had to purchase a timer or we would be eating charcoal for dinner. Our first timer was fairly adequate but was left under the heating lamp one day and it melted into a Salvador Dali  looking thing.  Our next few timers worked, but couldn't be heard more than 2 feet away from the stove.  After a long search on the internet reading reviews and promises, I ordered this timer.  It promised to be loud enough to do the job and it is.  Better yet, it doesn't stop alarming until you physically turn it off.  I thought the name was perfect and it fits right in around here.

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Anonymous said...

We mostly depend on the smoke alarms, but this looks like it will work well too.