Friday, 1 April 2011

You Can Jump and Learn at the Same Time

  I've never been a militant homeschooler.  You know the kind that hates everything about public school.  I've had kids that have started public school in Kindergarten and never missed a year through 12th.  Some have spent most of their years learning at home. This year our three "littles" are in public schools and the other six are being educated at home.  With two graduating this year I didn't think I could listen to three learning to sound out words while helping my oldest write their research paper.  And it was all going so smoothly.
  But then I started getting reports from the teacher that Samuel wasn't sitting still and listening well enough.  He wanted to play and move around.  Imagine that from a six year old boy.  She felt he wasn't learning to read as quickly as he should.  And then last week he was sent to the principal's office because while walking down the hall, he jumped up and tried to touch the Cat in the Hat artwork that was hanging there.  Here's the real truth.  Samuel likes to jump.  And he likes to play.  And that's okay with me.
  After a few conversations with his, really great but under pressure to produce 6 year old boys that can pass the end of the year tests, teacher, I withdrew Samuel from public school.
  This is Samuel coming home from his last day of being educated before he's ready.  He'll probably jump for joy.

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