Wednesday, 27 April 2011


  Our new puppy mill rescue dog, Maddie Lue, is settling in nicely. She quickly figured out that we like her to use the bathroom outside instead of on the couch cushion.  She allows most people to pet her now and she loves me entirely, going wherever I go and happily sleeping in her cage at night.
  I'm not feeling as settled as Maddie. I can almost taste the end of the school year and it's all I can do to keep from leaping up and running out.  We are on Unit 33 of 35 and I should be pouring on the coals to get done but instead I want to sit outside in the sun and plant flowers  I really do love homeschooling. Keep going.  Keep going.  

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Char5 said...

Maddie is a cutie-pie! What a sweet addition to your family. I know what you mean about the end of the school year. I only have one and it is all I can do to keep my focus on our schooling. I am working on his portfolio and we have our review on May 14th~YAY!!! Keep up the good work, you can do it!!! Summer is in sight! Hope you are having a great day!