Monday, 11 April 2011

Less Junk

One of my children is in the nymph stage of hoarding.  Although he is young now, he is well on the way to collecting the kind of debris that will earn him a segment on "Hoarders-Buried Alive".  This is a teensy portion of the broken, useless stuff that was cleaned out of his room.  I hauled out three large garbage bags of this kind of junk stored in boxes and bags and cases.  And it hasn't been so long since I did this once before.
  Even before uncovering this crazy mess I had been thinking about the toys in our home.  After a zillion years and a half a zillion kids there were a lot of them. More than half the toys were missing pieces and weren't played with.  Some of them were just stupid - no real value.
  Time to pare down.  Throwing/giving away most of them.  The only toys we will keep have to be sturdy, not from a 
happy meal and will promote creative play.  Legos and Playmobil will stay and the Connects get the nod.  All the sports equipment are keepers along with the white erase/magnetic board with the paints and markers.  I'm feeling some trips to Goodwill coming on!


jen said...

I am attempting to throw stuff away. My house is full of this junk.

Dawn said...

I have a child who is a hoarder too. She collects little tiny parts of old craft projects and think they are all precious. It drives me crazy.

crzy4myfam said...

We too battle this problem in our home. We do a quarterly clean out and massive house cleaning from top to bottom. Lots of stuff gets the boot. It's amazing to me how easy it collects though.