Sunday, 17 April 2011

I Like You Better Today

  Having 9 girls and 9 boys you'd think I'd have a preference as to which of the two is easier to raise but I find that they are equally as delightful and equally not so.  I appreciate that girls don't feel compelled to jump on-tear apart-break up and generally misuse every item in our home.  Girls on the whole seem to talk more than boys but it generally stays under the harmful to your ears decibels.  I love that girls are tuned in to how things are done around the house, so that in your absence the dog still gets fed, the milk is placed back into the refrigerator after being used and nobody is allowed to bring their bike inside for a tune up.  On the other hand, boys have that sweet and extremely useful desire to help carry and lift and fix whatever I need and by the age of 14 are taller and stronger then I am.  It's refreshing to have a boy get upset with his brother and after a quick punch or kick the air is cleared as opposed to the sisters that are still in a mood over something that happened between them 10 days before.  Although my boys don't often sit still they are constantly thinking and inventing and scheming and amusing me.  And in an instant the girls are grown and the boys are men and I really liked it all - or most of it.


jen said...

Beautifully stated.

Dawn said...

So true!

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