Saturday, 23 April 2011

Just Be Here

Having my daughter Kirsten and family next door for over a year now has been amazing.  Sure, the other grandparents spoil the kids a lot more and can take them one at a time to special places and get them treats, but I have them right here.  They have been part of the crazy fabric of every day life - in and out of the house, sleeping over, getting in trouble and waving goodbye to me each morning when they get on the bus.  And once again, God has called them away back into ministry and they will be moving to Florida this summer.  
  I'd barely had time to get used to the idea of missing them when my daughter Lane and family bought a house in the neighborhood.  And already Layla and Lauren are here, playing with the kids, swinging on the swings and just being part of the day.  I'm sure they'll get in some trouble in no time and I'm happy like only a Grandma can be happy.


Perri said...

What a mix of emotions you must be going through. I know what you mean about having them IN your life every day. There's nothing better.

Steve said...

Love the photo!!!