Saturday, 9 April 2011

It's Such a Strange Coincidence

  On the left of this picture is Elijah James, my grandson,  in the Christmas pajamas my daughter picked for him.  On the right is Elijah James, my son, in the Christmas pajamas that I picked for him.  Tonight they're having a sleepover like they do pretty much every weekend.  They're names were chosen seven years before I adopted my Elijah and we didn't pick the pajamas to match and we didn't plan it so that this uncle and nephew would be best of friends.  It was all just God arranged. - well maybe not the pajamas unless God has a deal going with the buyer for Kmart.


jblieu said...

This makes me teary eyed and smiley at the same time. How beautiful to have a friendship like that. And matching pajamas to boot. Awseomeness.

Perri said...

So cool!