Wednesday, 16 March 2011

He Likes It

  Isaiah tried the team sport thing but it wasn't him.  He wouldn't get aggressive on the basketball court - he's just too sweet.  He wanted to learn to play an instrument so he could be in a band with his sister and niece.  He asked for a violin for his birthday and he took exactly two lessons when he announced that it wasn't right for him either.  He lasted a bit longer at fencing lessons and then decided to abandon that as well.  
  Then he found Karate and he soared!  In just a few months he  earned his orange belt and he is happy, happy, happy.  Loves it so much he learned to do a split, which trying for the first time at his age, was risky.
  And sweetest of all is that our neighbors drive him to the lessons with their boys and I don't have to even take a turn.  
  I think we found his niche.

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See Jamie blog said...

I love this photo. The look on his face is perfect. I think I'm even a little scared. ;)

It's wonderful that he's found something he loves!