Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Still Working

   Our three "littles" are in public school and when the big yellow cheese wagon rolls up here at 8am and takes them off, a quietness descends on  our day.  The homeschoolers have plenty of time to do their school work, read their favorite book, do their chores, go shopping with me and take walks or play basketball before the bus brings the "littles" back eight and a half hours later.
  I don't know what they do with these little guys at school for all that time, but it doesn't make a lot of sense to me that they finally return and still have homework to do.  This is a very patient six year old who really just wants to run around and play but has to sit and write out his spelling words one more time.


jblieu said...

I am anti-homework. Richard and I disagree on this. 7 hours in the classroom is enough, evenings should be free for other pursuits.

Shelby said...

How do you decide which kids to homeschool and which ones to send to school? I know in PA the Foster Care system is really doesn't let us homeschool foster children. Not sure why??? Just wondering. I know you are a pro and I need all the help I can get:)

Kate said...

Shelby, in WV the policy is also that foster kids must be in public school. I have asked for and gotten special permission to homeschool from DHHR when I felt that the child really needed to be home. AT this time, we have adopted all of the kids so the decision to homeschool or not is ours. I left my 3 youngest in school this year as I have two who are seniors. I wasn't sure I could handle teaching to read along side preparing those two for graduate.